Ever come to a new place and wondered where to go to do some good yoga?

I will give you an overview of studios I checked out and tell you what to expect in a nutshell.

I start this trip here in my home base, Amsterdam, where I spent most of my time in one yoga studio. Which is great. I loved it and knew everyone after a while. But still, I wanted to know what else there is and how other studios and teachers approach yoga. So I got on a journey, checking out a different studio each day and thought, why not share my experience and create a no-bullshit-overview of all yoga joints in Amsterdam.

No bullshit, say what? Yes, my favourite teachers are the ones that just do yoga without giving you a lecture on how to live your life serenading their latest guru’s prayers and expecting you to be on their vibe. Just Yoga.

Being a serious practitioner myself, I will also write about deeper stuff like pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation and other spaced out things. But I’ll try to tell it as I feel it and make it as understanding to anyone out there no matter if you’re into gangster rap or Sanskrit chanting. Yoga is for everyone in the end, so I’ll speak to y’all 🙂