Sound Bowl Therapy

After having receiving an official certificate to work with this therapy method, I will offer it in Amsterdam as off July 2017.

“Feeling the vibe?”

“I like your vibe…?”

“We seem to be on the same wave length.”

“…just dance to the beat and let the music carry you.”

There are plenty of ways where we already recognize the power of sound and vibrations. But it took till the early 80ies till people realized that certain vibrations and sound waves 🌊 Resonate with certain parts of the body. And then there are sound bowls…

I knew them already before they were cool haha. It was about 13 years ago when i got stoned with my best friend and went to his fathers Physio and osteopathy parctice one night after a party and discovered the magic of these bowls…in not quite a therapeutic way. But that doesn’t matter as we felt what we needed to feel, energy.

Traveling to Nepal, one of the three countries that makes these bowls in the handmade/traditional way, I fulfilled a dream and became a certified sound bowl therapist myself. Getting a deeper understanding and an intense practice, I figured out what’s behind all this and am happy to now share it with people at home.

But how does it work…really…?

Its quite simple. Fill one of these bowls with water, bring it to swing…the water will go crazy and jump and splash. Now take the body, with 75-80% water/liquid and imagine what happens if you hold a swinging bowl in close proximity to the body. Your body jumps from the inside. And now there are different bowls, different sizes and different tones that create a frequency for guess what…different areas of the body.

And your welcome to come by and try it out. The F-bowl, tuned for the heart space feels ok all over the body but as soon as you reach the heart space you know why its called a heart bowl.

Like this you work upwards, loosen up all parts of the body and if needed place special attention on areas of trouble or pain. Certain feelings and emotions can have a serious impact on your body, take belly ache from stress for example.

This Kind of stuff results in “energetic” blockages in the long run and with the bowls you can work on these blockages. The sodaplexus, stores a lot of anger, the pelvis area stores fear and sexual blockage…just to name a few examples. Let the water jump and you’ll quickly feel a bit more at ease with the area and issue you have. And if you have no issues…well congratu-fucking-lations then it is an amazing and healthy way to space out and relax. Be my guest.
For sessions i’m happy to come to your home, do group sessions, sound baths and individual therapy sessions that focus more on you individually and include a more personal approach.



Group sessions

(1- 2 1/2 hours depending on group size)

2-6 people – 25€ per person

Individual sessions

1 hour 50,- €

2 hours incl. focus area therapy 80,-€

Home delivery of good vibes within and around Amsterdam is 15 euro extra, unless we hang out for drinks and dinner afterwards, then we’re friends and i don’t charge extra for coming to yours.

Workshops at your studio, event or gathering are absolutely possible, I love to travel and share what I know, so bring it on.


Additional option: Aroma Therapy

  • Aroma/essential oils according to body area during the session.
  • Your own set of essential oils for at home.

Price, I still need to figure out, but we can talk about that if you are interested.



Mondays 7pm at Mahara Amsterdam for more information and reservations click here.

Wednesdays 8pm at our home in Amsterdams beautiful east send me a text message or give me a call to reserve 🙂